Missoula Federal Credit Union

Kids & Money


What is a budget?

Good practices for budget-minded people

What if my budget doesn't balance?

Checking Accounts

What is a checking (or share draft) account?

Is checking the right kind of account for me?

Why do I need one?

What types of checking account are there?

Opening a checking (or share draft) account

Writing checks

Adding money to your checking account

Reconciling your checking account

Building my credit

What is credit?

Why is credit important?

How do I build credit?

How to obtain a copy of your credit report

How do I read my credit report?

Loan Process

Can I borrow money?

What is collateral?

What can be used as collateral?

What if I don't have any credit history?

Auto Loan

Auto Financing Tips

What about dealer financing?

How much should I pay for a car?

Credit Card

Credit cards and credit

Our youth programs are a great way to help your kids get a solid foundation in good money management, whether they're 2 or 20. Visit our programs page to learn more.

Googolplex: The credit union guide for student money makers. This site features age-appropriate games and information, including articles and photos from young credit union ambassadors.

Thrive by Five: This site offers resources for parents and teachers to help very young kids learn about money. Offered by the Credit Union National Association.

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