Missoula Federal Credit Union

MFCU Security Info

Protect your credit and debit cards while shopping online!
The programs listed below allow you to create a username and password that must be entered to complete purchases at participating merchants. Registration is quick and free...just be sure to have your card handy.

Verified by Visa (for your MFCU Visa credit card)

Mastercard Secure Code (for your MFCU debit card)

Online Security at MFCU
If you have never accessed your account through Miss Web, you will need to visit any MFCU branch to register your account. You'll then need to enroll in ELS, our multi-factor authentication system.

Although our secure server supports 128-bit data encryption, we can not guarantee the security of your information if you share your password with others. We strongly encourage you to change your password the first time you sign on to Miss Web, and then again every six months. If you think someone may have obtained your password, change it immediately. Use a number that is easily remembered but not obvious. Do not write it down in your wallet, on your membership card, on your computer, or any place else where that information could be seen or stolen. Again, the best security is to change your password frequently. To change your password, click the "More" button, then the "Change Password" button after you've signed on to the Miss Web system.

Be sure to end your session by closing your browser. This prevents anyone using the computer after you from accessing your account using the "Back" button.

Enhanced Login Security:
Missoula Federal Credit Union contracts with an outside vendor to provide an additional layer of security to your account information. Enhanced Login Security (ELS) will require you to register your account(s) and computer(s) before you can log in to your account(s). You will be required to provide 3 security questions and their answers (you may select from a list of questions or provide your own), as well as a Personal Security Phrase, during the ELS enrollment process. If you have further questions about this security feature, please visit our ELS Frequently Asked Questions page.

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