Missoula Federal Credit Union

Enhanced Login Security (ELS)

The way we protect your accounts online

Missoula Federal Credit Union offers Enhanced Login Security (ELS), a higher level of protection for your account information. ELS will help protect your account from fraudulent access, by requiring more information at login. You'll also get confirmation that you are on MFCU's site, not a look-alike.

To begin, return to our Home Page and click on the 'Register for ELS' link above the login box. You'll be asked to choose a series of questions our system can use to identify you in the future. You'll also set up a personal security phrase that will show when you log in, so you'll be certain you're not entering your account information on a fraudulent site.

If you're enrolling from your home computer, or a computer that others don't have access to, you may register that computer and avoid having to answer a security question each time you log in. If you access your account from a public computer or one that others use, you'll want to keep the computer unregistered. You'll answer one of your security questions each time you log in, but it will keep your account information safer.

Tips for logging in to ELS:

  • If nothing happens when you click the 'register' or 'login' links, check to make sure you have *.missoulafcu.org and *.lanxtra.com added to your trusted sites list.
  • Do not enter your password in the form. Enter your member number, and the security code displayed in red. The security code will be different each time you visit this page.
  • On the ELS confirmation page, enter your account password, not the security phrase shown.
  • If you've never accessed your account online, you must register for Miss Web access at a Missoula Federal Credit Union branch.


Username: (seen on initial login page) You may specify a username to log in to your account, if you prefer to use one instead of your member number. A username is optional--you may continue to log in through ELS with your member number.

Security Code: (seen on intial login page) The security code is an extra security measure used to prevent fraudsters from randomly selecting account numbers. The security code is a random set of characters, and will be different each time you login to Miss Web.

Password: (seen on login confirmation page) You will be assigned a password when you register for Miss Web (for members who were using Miss Web before ELS, your password will remain the same). You will be asked to enter your password.

Personal Security Phrase: (seen on login confirmation page) You determine your personal security phrase when you enroll in ELS. This phrase shows up as an image when you log in after enrollment, and it is your assurance that you are on the Missoula Federal Credit Union web site, not a fraudulent look-alike site.


Q. Why is this method of logging in necessary?
A. The FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) issued guidelines in 2006 that direct all financial institutions to improve their online banking by adding "multi factor authentication." Missoula Federal Credit Union is dedicated to protecting your identity and the security of your personal financial information. Therefore, users of Miss Web are now required to set up and use this enhanced login security. This enhanced login security helps protect your account from fraudulent transactions. Additional authentication factors, combined with your account number and password, provide extra layers of security for your account. The new ELS security will also include a variety of monitoring activities. For example, one feature will track the specific computer you typically use to access your account. If you sign on to Miss Web from the same computer on a regular basis and then log on from a different computer, you'll notice some additional security measures. You may be asked some questions to verify your identity before being able to login. With these extra layers of security in place, your account information will have the enhanced security that is required by the FFIEC. The information below explains the changes you can expect.

Q. What happens after I enroll in Enhanced Login Security (ELS)?
A. The login process is changing in three ways:
1. Login will become a multiple step process instead of one screen where you enter your Member Number and Password. You will now enter your Member Number and a random Security Code.
2. The next screen will prompt you to enter the answer to one of the three Security Questions you entered during enrollment. The answers to your Security Questions are case sensitive.
3. The next screen will prompt you to enter your Password and to verify a Personal Security Image that you created during enrollment.

Q. What if I forget my Username?
A. Log in with your Member Number as your Username, and once logged in, check the settings under the Enhanced Login Security to determine or change your Username.

Q. What if I forget my Password or my Security Question answers?
Please call our Service Center at 406-523-3300 or visit any of our branch locations to have your login information reset.

Q. Will I still have access to all the same account(s) online?
Yes. This process only affects how you login, not your Miss Web accounts.

Q. What will happen to my Bill Pay settings, account alerts, or any other saved settings within Miss Web that I had set up before this change?
Any of the above that you had previously set up within your Miss Web settings will remain the same.

Q. Can I change my Enhanced Login Security (ELS) settings?
Yes, once you enroll and enter your initial authentication settings, you can change them any time by simply clicking on the "More" button and then the "Enhanced Login Security" button while logged into Miss Web.

Q. Once enrolled, what exactly happens with Enhanced Login Security (ELS)?
When you login to Miss Web, you will be prompted to do three things:
1. Enter your Member Number and a random Security Code.
2. Answer one of your Security Questions for identification verification.
3. Register the computer browser you use to login to Miss Web and enter your Password. The computer browser registration will consist of placing a cookie onto your browser.

Q. What are the Security Questions for?
Once you've enrolled in Enhanced Login Security (ELS), the questions serve as a back-up security measure - they are used when you login from a computer browser you have not registered (meaning you have not placed the security cookie on it). For example, if you login from a computer at a public library, you would be asked to provide the answers to your Security Questions because that computer is not the computer you registered.

Q. What happens when I sign in from a computer that Miss Web banking does not recognize?
Our system will ask if you want to register and authenticate the computer browser with a cookie. If you register the computer browser, the system will install a "cookie" and register the computer so that you won't have to enter a security question each time you login. This is not recommended if you login from a public computer. You will have the option to not register and authenticate the computer browser.

Q. If I delete the cookie, what happens?
If you delete the Enhanced Login Security cookie, you will be prompted to answer the security questions at your next login. Then you should re-register your computer.

Q. What if I have a spyware program that deletes all cookies from my computer?
You will be asked to answer your security questions every time you login if the cookie is deleted by yourself or by a spyware program that may be on your computer.

Q. Once I have added Enhanced Login Security to my computer browser, what do I do if I need to access my Miss Web Banking account from a non-registered computer?
When you login (with your Member Number), you will be prompted to answer your security questions. If you choose to, you can then also register and authenticate that computer browser. This is not recommended if you login from a public computer. Finally, you'll be asked to enter your Member Number and Password and verify your Personal Security Image.

Q. Why all this attention to the login process?
While the chances of identity theft or monetary loss are slim, there are those malicious entities on the Internet that look to fraudulently gain from unsuspecting individuals. One of the most popular methods of fraud is through impersonating individuals during the login process. It is our intention to make this process as difficult as possible for these fraudsters while keeping your internet banking experience as hassle-free as possible.

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