Missoula Federal Credit Union

MFCU2GO - Available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry

How to install MFCU2GO

1. Access your mobile device app store & download application to device

A. Search ‘MFCU2GO’
B. Select & download application

2. Open MFCU2GO application on mobile device

A. Click the "Get ID" button
B. Record number for future steps

3. Sign in to your personal Miss Web Account

A. From the main page select the 'More' tab
B. Then select 'Mobile Registration'
C. Now select your device type
D. Input the 'UID' from step 2A
E. Enter your mobile number (using hyphens, e.g. 406-xxx-xxxx)
F. Select the 'register' button

4. Your device is now registered!

**Troubleshooting Tip**
If you receive the 'error in registering your mobile device' message, please check that you entered your 'UID' correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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