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Buzz Points

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Missoula Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce an exciting new way to earn rewards with your MFCU credit and debit card. Our new program, Buzz Points, will allow you to earn rewards points by doing what you’re already doing – using your debit and credit card to make purchases. Every time you use your credit and debit card to make a purchase, you will earn points, with the added benefit of earning more points the more you frequent local businesses!

You will earn points shopping for groceries, stopping for your morning coffee, filling up the gas tank, buying new clothes, or doing anything else you pay for with your MFCU credit and debit card. The more often you do these things at a local business, the more we will reward you. The best part about Buzz Points is that it is free to our members! You can redeem your Buzz Points at local merchants, or even use them to donate to charity.

Sign up today! There are only two things you need to remember when it comes to Buzz Points, it’s completely free to our members, and the more you shop locally, the more you will be rewarded. 

If you have opted out of receiving marketing offers from MFCU, you must opt back in before you can participate in Buzz Points. Please contact MFCU at 406-523-3300 to opt back in.

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