Missoula Federal Credit Union

Personal Loans

When you need a little more

Use a personal loan to consolidate other loans and credit cards, or any time you need extra cash. Share or certificate secured loans are ideal for when you need extra cash, but don't want to deplete your personal savings.

Personal Loans2effective 5/1/2014
Loan Type APR as low as1
Visa Credit Card7.90%
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit12.00%
Payday Alternative Loan28.00%
Certificate Secured2.00% above certificate rate
Share Secured3.00% above share rate
1APR = Annual Percentage Rate
2All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms & conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications & collateral conditions.

Payday Alternative Loan (P.A.L.)
A better option for most members, our P.A.L. is available in amounts of $100-500. No credit check required, but some membership and income minimums must be met. Apply online, using the unsecured personal loan link below. You will then meet with a Financial Services Officer for loan closing.

Apply online for an unsecured personal loan

Apply online for a share- or certificate-secured personal loan

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