Missoula Federal Credit Union

About MFCU

More than you expect

MFCU History
Missoula Federal Credit Union began in 1956. Over the years, we've merged with the University of Montana Credit Union and Northern Pacific Credit Union, to become Missoula's leading financial institution. Throughout our history, we've prided ourselves on providing excellent service and a wide variety of products and services to our members. Join us today and discover the many ways we're more than you expect!

The Credit Union Difference
Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. That means that credit unions are run by volunteer boards of directors, and every member owns a share of the credit union. All members of voting age are allowed one vote in board of directors elections, which means that all members have an equal say in how the credit union is run. When the credit union makes a profit, those profits are returned to the members, in the form of improved services, expanded products, or higher dividends.

Our mission
MFCU is a sustainable community cooperative built on our core philosophy of "people helping people." We are our members' trusted financial partner, engaged in educating and enriching the lives of those we serve...today and tomorrow.

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