Missoula Federal Credit Union


Membership in Missoula Federal Credit Union is open to persons who live, work, worship or attend school in, and businesses located in Missoula, Lake or Ravalli Counties, Montana and their immediate families.

At this time, you must visit an MFCU branch to establish your membership. A minimum deposit of $5 purchases your share of the credit union cooperative, and establishes your voting rights, provided you meet the minimum age requirement.

To establish your MFCU membership, please bring along a photo ID bearing your current address. If you do not have Montana identification bearing an address within our membership area, please bring along documentation to prove your qualification. Documentation may include pay stubs (to show you work within our membership area), utility bills for an address within our membership area, or a student ID for a school within our membership area.

Once you are an MFCU member, you may remain an MFCU member for as long as you wish, even if you move out of our membership area (provided you keep your accounts in good standing with us). Thanks to online account access and direct deposit, you can maintain your MFCU membership no matter where you go! In addition, immediate family members are eligible for membership, even if they live outside our membership area.

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