Missoula Federal Credit Union

Having a Baby

Having children draws into consideration a large portion of the human experience so it receives long-term attention and a broad commitment of financial resources by those who choose this course in life.

Because raising children is substantial financial enterprise, culminating in an expense of nearly half a million dollars per child nowadays, learning about budgeting is inevitable and about planning and saving is a practical necessity, especially if you believe assisting with their secondary education is one of your responsibilities for bringing them into this hyper competitive world.

As you enjoy your children growing and your plans unfold you also remember that with sunshine there must come rain so there are many kinds of insurance you may need to protect you and your brood from worldly hazards.

Then long after dispatching your little intelligent packages of mischief on their own flights into the unknown you may still desire to look after them a bit financially while you are but an afterthought.
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